Happy Winter Solstice from the Bockley-Tillges Clan.



Please join us in looking back at 2017 from the longest night of the year.


What The Heck Is Happening With Seth and Angie Up In Minnesota, Eh?

We're so glad you asked. We have settled into the wonderful "West Seventh" neighborhood of Saint Paul. This is an eclectic, dynamic, family-friendly and vibrant part of the Twin Cities. There is also a bakery here, Brake Bread, which Leona calls "the toast store." It is the best place in the world, to her. (Maybe to Seth, too?)

Angie's new job with the City of Saint Paul's "Great River Passage" initiative entails a lot of things... hiring weed-eating goats (no joke), starting a paddle share program on the Mississippi River, commissioning some Badass Videos and working with amazing photographers to document life on the river. One of her highlight accomplishments was organizing a very successful guided tour of the post-industrial no-man's-land known as "Pig's Eye" for important city and state officials and stakeholders. The city hopes to take advantage of this space's potential as a site for recreation and nature preservation. As always, Angie is discovering and nurturing a city's potential for growth, green and community. And she and her boss made the cover of the Pioneer Press with a photo that can only be described as "90s grunge rock album cover".


Seth's 2017 highlights included:


Please Talk More About Leona, Okay? That's Why We're Reading This Dang Thing

Okay, okay! Leona Ray has made a remarkable journey-- transitioning from daycare to preschool, from a toddler unsteady on her feet to a potty trained, somersaulting, talking up a storm kid, and as of December, one who every morning performs a Lion routine for her entire class to their delight.

At the beginning of the year she would say Ooh! and point excitedly to the window when she heard a passing ambulance siren. Now when she hears a siren she opens her eyes wide and exclaims "I hear a siren! Somebody is helping."

Leona Ray attended the Women's March with Seth in a temperate Saint Paul January. We don't know if she considers herself part of the #Resistance, but then again we're sort of grateful she doesn't know what a hashtag is. Politically we guess she is aligned with the nurturing, loving, careful and caring people of the world. And the lions too.

This summer-- one night in our back yard Leona looked up at the sky and said "The Moon. I can touch it." She then grabbed the moon out of the sky and shoved it in her mouth, saying: "tastes like chocolate milk."

We seem to have a wild child on our hands, one that brings us endless inspiration, surprise and joy. We learn from your bravery and love every day Leona Ray.

the first album by Green Nalgene is probably called "Superfund"

the first album by Green Nalgene is probably called "Superfund"

An image from "The Death and Life of Billy The Kid"

An image from "The Death and Life of Billy The Kid"

leona water boots.jpeg

We can't wait to see you in 2018.

And we are so grateful to have you all in our lives.


Seth, Angie and Leona Ray