Seth Bockley


Old stories, illuminated in new ways.

New stories, imaginatively told.

I write plays, literary adaptations, and multimedia works.

I direct adventurous theater, immersive events, outrageous spectacles, evocative videos. 

I engage in deep collaborations and I follow where the story takes me.

I love the poetry of the moment.


The Last Matador · writer / co-director

Rip van Winkle · writer / director

2666 · adapter/director

The Twins Would Like To Say · co-director/co-writer

Basetrack · director/co-adaptor

Guerra · director/co-creator

Wilderness · director/co-writer

The Death and Life of Billy The Kid · writer / co-director with Frank Maugeri

Gilgamesh and Enkidu

hamlet is dead. no gravity · director

Basetrack · director/co-adaptor - Tour to Fort Hood, Texas 2018

Failure: A Love Story · director

Failure: A Love Story · Director (scenic design by Scott Davis)

Laika's Coffin · writer / co-director with Frank Maugeri